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Help your sales team leap like gazelles as the fences get higher

The world is getting tougher for sales teams. Customer expectations continuously increase and competitors seem to promise more and more. Staying competitive but still growing the bottom line is a key concern for clients I work with.

How sales people are trained is the key to success. You need people to have the right aptitude and attitude to deliver on all fronts.

Most companies provide a raft of training for their sales teams that develops their knowledge of the sales process, products, customers and industry that they work in (which is all very important), but very few go further to look at the developing the mind-set and behaviours of the individuals. Developing mind-set helps a team to have the right attitude for successful selling. The start of this is improving an individual’s self-awareness.

Having self-awareness enables a person to understand how they react and perform in different situations. They can then improve by changing what they do/say or don’t do/say. This helps stop them blaming others for their non-activity and keeps them positive and focused on the end point. It also allows them to recognise when situations may cause them to behave in a negative way, and adapt their behaviour accordingly. How many of us know people who will do anything to get out of speaking to certain customers because of assumptions about the customer or how they think the situation is going to go? The fear of hearing a “No” can make a telephone exceptionally heavy to lift or a door very difficult to open.

If people understand themselves better they can then use their knowledge and skills to adapt to different situations. They can try out new ways of doing things without being limited by their own doubts.

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